Cynthia Serra neves

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Childhood Trauma Survivor & Mindset Coach


My name is Cynthia, armed with my a smile, passion, a computer and a dream, my mission is to create an Inspirational and Mindful digital world that touches and empower women around the world. 

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What I Help You Achieve


I help you turn your Ideas into Realities, your Strengths into Successes, and your Passions into Purpose. How do we do this? We get you into the flow, we give you creative direction, and we change your mind about what is possible. Then we work rinse and repeat. We turn down the noise on all those limiting core beliefs and life-draining bad habits. 


Together, we’ll move you from ideas to implementation, integrating the right and the left brain, the masculine and the feminine, the extrovert and the introvert, the flow and the grit. Through grace and gratitude, hustle and heart, you’ll finally embody the fullness of your desire AND your love for what already is.


Time Freedom

Learn to rewire your story, master a peak performance state, and implement daily strategies for achieving more meaning, success, influence, flow and grit. Experience what confidence and creative freedom feels like when you live a life you love, doing work that matters. Where passion, purpose, and performance meet.


Financial Freedom

You are here to buck the status quo, to live your legacy now, and to share your message with the world, as a change maker and an influencer.

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