There are moments in our life when we hit a brick wall when we think we’ve tried every solution and still get nowhere. It is in those times that we need to step back and reassess.

In particular, we need to check three simple things:

  • Am I working or trying?
  • Is this the right work?
  • Am I look for real success?

Steve Greenhalgh, a life coach and guest on the Cynspiration podcast, shared some hard-hitting, powerful truths about how we can answer the above three questions. Steve underwent an incredible physical and mental transformation into a powerful life coach on a mission. Because of that transformation, he encountered some practical insights that ultimately challenged his ideas about “hard work”.

The 3 Questions of Hard Work: Are the Answers to these Questions Blocking Your Success

The three questions above are based on that insight and can be used to help get unstuck when getting bad results while chasing success.


Let’s take a look at each question:


1. Am I working or trying?  There is a big difference between “working” and “trying”, but our brains often mix those two concepts. For example, if two people must move a couch, but only one works while the other “tries”, who will complete the task? The one who does the work.


Quick Tip: Remove the word “try” from your library


2. Is this the right work?. Often, when we are pursuing a goal, we choose a strategy and start working. While this is the ideal way to reach your dreams, it’s essential to realise that your plan should adapt with you. Don’t stick to doing or thinking the same ideas without making sure your actions and thoughts are bringing you closer to your goals, you could end up repeating things that take you away from your goal.


Quick Tip: Follow your daily routine for 24 hours. Identify all of the actions that help move you closer to your current life’s goals.

3. Am I looking for the right success? It can be so tempting to choose an impressive goal for your success. It can be extremely motivating, not just for you but for others. There is a downside to working with that big goal; your reality may not match your goal. While the path to creating a goal is short, the path to completing that goal can take time.

A better approach is creating goals for the success you can achieve very soon.


Quick Tip: Review all of the significant goals last week. Look at the one that had the most failures and compare it to the initial goal you set.


Conclusion: Focus on small, unique, and valuable goals

While achieving success with an impressive goal is thrilling, it is only part of the story. The real work lies in small, unique, and valuable steps. Identifying what you want, defining a clear path, and adapting are the keys to success.

The problem lies in our perspective. Instead of focusing on our goals, we compare our success to others (which is even faster now with social media). This comparison makes us question our steps and wonder why we aren’t succeeding like the other person.

The key lies in letting that go.

By letting go and focusing on your small, unique, and worthwhile goals, you define the success you want to achieve. That is the kind of success that change people’s lives.

In this Cynspiration episode, Cynthia talks with Steve Greenhalgh (aka Stevie G), a coach who works with truckers and entrepreneurs in overcoming their negative thinking patterns and habits to live a life of gratitude with what they have so they can thrive.

Steve shares the story of his incredible weight transformation, powerful lessons on gratitude, and life-transforming wisdom on the power of every single person on the person to be happy while pursuing success.

Show Notes

Key Themes

  • Communicating with compassion vs being honest
  • Steve’s incredible weight loss transformation
  • Why Steve says gratitude is the most important thing a person can have
  • Why our gratitude needs to start close to home
  • The reason your “hard work” doesn’t lead to success
  • Dealing with self-sabotage
  • Figuring out the core “why” to conquer anyhow
  • Doing the hard work of sales and marketing
  • Why most of us chase fake “success” even though we want the real thing
  • What more people get wrong about Success
  • Finding inspiration in the simple things

The Podcast

[2:08] Kindness vs Honest: Is it better to be honest or kind?

[5:24] Steve’s EPIC weight loss transformation

[7:20] The one event that sparked Steve’s weight transformation

[8:02] Why you have to be happy first to be a success

[10:00] Steve’s mission

[15:48] What motivated Steve to change?

[17:00] How do you help others break out of repeating negative patterns and beliefs?

[19:18] Coach advice: How to tell if your client is really serious about change

[20:00] Linking “hard work” to results

[22:10] Building an online business

[22:42] Tracking sales

[24:17] Makes sales easy with one mindset shift

[25:58] Why do people lose momentum?

[32:00] What most people get wrong about success?

[38:08] Accepting your imperfections


Beautiful Quotes from this Episode

“I think honesty takes away the hiding places.”

“‘Physician, heal thyself’ is a phrase I use often.”

“You can get bitter or better.”

“If you have one too many mouthfuls over a month…At the end of that month, that’s a massive difference.”

“Gratitude is the single most important thing you can have in life.”

“When you know why, how becomes easy.”

“If you’re not getting the results, you’re not doing the work, or you’re lying to yourself about the work.”

“I’ve been saved for a reason.”

“…people that make early sales often fail because they think it’s easy.”

“If you made one sale, that’s luck. If you made two, you’re getting there. If you made three sales, rinse and repeat.”

“I think cumulative work is the true path to success because then it’s automatic.”

“Do you know why diamonds sparkle? Because they have imperfections.”

“When you are confident that being ‘you’ is enough, it’s when the sky’s the limit.”

About Our Guest

Steve Greenhall is a former trucker who worked in various industries when he realised that he hit a point where he had to change his life. He underwent a powerful weight loss transformation and became an inspirational coach for truck drivers and entrepreneurs.

Connect with Steve at:

Email: [email protected]

Links for More Info

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