Hi and welcome! The buzz around the Cynspiration Hive this week is setting GOALS.

Yep, we all have ’em but do we always follow through with ’em? There are many reasons why people fail to achieve the targets that they set for themselves. Today we are going to look at the 8 most common goal-setting mistakes and learn how to avoid them!


“All good performance starts with clear goals.” Ken Blanchard



Why Are Goals So Important?

Put simply, we all need something to aim for and strive towards. It is what keeps us moving forward in life. Setting and achieving goals helps us to improve the quality of our life and that of others. We commonly use goals to improve our health, relationships, finances, business success, and even personal happiness. If you want to succeed, you need to set goals!

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” Bill Copeland


Be SMART About Your Goal Setting

If you are unsure of the goal-setting process, the S.M.A.R.T framework offers a checklist to help guide your goal setting, improve your focus and clarify your ideas. Let’s look at what the acronym SMART stands for.

S is for Specific

It’s essential to be as specific as possible when setting goals. Ask yourself: What do I want to achieve? How will I get there? When should I have achieved this goal by?


M is for Measurable

Having a goal which can be quantified in some way makes it a lot easier to track your progress. Include precise amounts, dates, and so on in your goals so you can measure your degree of success.


A is for Achievable/Attainable

This focuses on how important a goal is to you and what you can do to make it attainable. It may require developing new skills and changing attitudes. Strike a balance between reaching higher and resisting the urge to set goals that are too easy.


R is for Relevant

This is your ‘why’. By keeping goals aligned with this, you’ll develop the focus you need to get ahead and do what you want. 


T is for Time-specific

You must give yourself a deadline. When you are working on a deadline, your sense of urgency increases and achievement will come that much quicker. You will know when you can celebrate your success!


“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” Confucius


Where Does It All Go Wrong?…… And How To Get It Right!


Let me talk you through some of the most common mistakes that people make when they think about goals and how to remedy them so that you hit your target and don’t shoot yourself in the foot!


Bookmarked PlayPoints for Reference

  1. Unrealistic Goals (01:38)
  2. Focusing On Too Few Areas (02:34)
  3. Underestimating Completion Times (04:00)
  4. Not Appreciating Failure (04:45)
  5. Setting Other People’s Goals (05:30)
  6. Not Reviewing Progress (06:09)
  7. Setting Negative Goals (06:50)
  8. Setting Too Many Goals (07:36)

“If you have a dream, you can spend a lifetime studying, planning, and getting ready for it. What you should be doing is getting started.” Drew Houston


Let’s Get Started – NOW!

There is literally no time like the present. Fall is the time of year for new starts. We have a new season, a new academic year, a new financial quarter and the perfect opportunity to start doing the groundwork to make next year a year of power, progress and pride. So let’s dive in and unload those incredible skillsets within to make goals that can truly enrich our lives. What will you decide to accomplish today?


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