Building a business requires resilience, grit and most of all, a support network. In this third episode of Cynspiration, I talk to Cordelia Kate, founder of the The Rebellious Business Coach, a fellow entrepreneur whom I’ve known for over a year.



Cordelia’s journey

Cordelia used to work as a nurse, spending many hours at work to sustain her family. But she soon realised that she needed to spend more time with her three children, and so looked for ways to make an income online. After going through a few video courses, she learnt the basics of drop-shipping and was fulfilling packages to sell and deliver. She admits she didn’t really know what she was doing, and so soon decided to close the business.

She decided to start again but with the right skills this time. She enrolled a Digital Online Course and learnt all she about marketing, writing and digital products and is in the process of starting her own coaching business, empowering mothers to manage their businesses.

She now works full time from home and gets to spend all the time she needs with her children. By doing this, she’s also showing her children that she is in charge of her career and that being a mum does not mean having to sacrifice a career, passions or dreams.


Empowering Women to Own their Career

Society generally expects women to sacrifice their job to have children. But as Cordelia mentions, women were put on this planet to live, not only to breed. Cordelia witnessed her mother sacrificing her career and regretting it later on, so she was adamant not to let the same happen to her.

The new generation of women are putting the responsibility on their shoulders and are owning their lives.

We don’t need to be dividing the world between bosses and ‘girl bosses’ or ‘mumpreneurs’. Female or male, we can all be bosses, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Cordelia explains that we need to support women to believe in themselves and harness their essence and skills.


Don’t Quit your Job Immediately

A business is built one baby step at a time. Leaving your job to start a business can be a harmful thing to do for your project because you’ll be building your business from a place of scarcity and negative energy. Stress and anxiety can also cause you to lose faith and give up on your dream.

Instead, Cordelia recommends having the right resources in place before getting started. A slow transition is much better; keep your job and use the extra hours you have to start building your business. She also explains that the fewer hours you have, the more productive you’ll be. Once you have the money flowing and the right foundations, then you can quit your job.


Cordelia’s Schedule as a Single Mum and Entrepreneur

Cordelia lives and works from home with three children, so she’s had to learn how to set boundaries to focus on her work and children effectively.

One of her tips is to block out times for each activity on her calendar (including lunch!). This allows her to focus on each task with no distractions.

Another tip is to involve the kids from time to time. This means she includes them in her Youtube videos, which in turn helps her produce content!

She also recommends having a space to call your own, someplace to shut away from housework, children and the rest. Make it a pleasant environment with a lock on the door to allow you to focus.

Through her active planning and boundaries, she’s showing her children that she is working hard to achieve her dreams.

They might not understand this now, but she knows that when they grow up and look back, they will be inspired and apply it to their own lives.


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