So, you have branched out into the world of online entrepreneurship but do you now feel that you are out on a limb? Cynspiration is here to tell you that you are not alone. 


This week, Cynthia shares her reflections and offers a coaching session on the challenging and sometimes lonely path of the online entrepreneur.

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The actions that you can take to improve your mental, physical and networking capabilities. How to make being a solo act the best performance of your life!


While the sense of liberty and autonomy involved in setting up and growing your own business is exhilarating, the amount of time, energy and effort required can push you into feeling as though you are operating within a bubble.


This can leave you feeling disconnected from yourself, from others and your business. The risk of burn-out is very high in new and digital business owners.


You have much more leverage than you think to improve your entrepreneurial experience by bringing back the balance in your life. A little bit of planning and self-care can go a long way to bringing back the sense of excitement and energy that you started with!


Using examples from her journey as an online entrepreneur, Cynthia will guide you through some of the most common challenges facing every solopreneur.


Cynthia Shares her Strategies to:


Nurture your mental and physical health for optimal performance.

Realise the importance of recognising your achievements and rewarding yourself
Make time for face time to keep your communication skills sharp and your social health in check.

Maintain a balance between your daily life and your entrepreneurial life.
Recognise the value of a planned distraction and how vital taking a time out is.

Build and strengthen connections with supportive individuals and organisations online and off.

Reconnect to your inner passion and rediscover your mission purpose.
Return to your business feeling recharged and ready to rumble!

Remote working does not equal remote living. If, in the words of the song ‘One is the loneliest number’ then Cynspiration will help you to develop the inner and outer resources that you need to ensure that One can be Fun!

Helpful Links:

  • Vina or Bumble BFF, Bumble Bizz to meet people with similar interests
  • Meetup, or Nearify for connecting nearby or at events
  • Shapr for building business contacts
  • If you work in e-commerce, try joining some of the active groups on Facebook.

Support resources in forums and groups designed for entrepreneurs:


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