Why mindset?


Without a growth mindset, you can feel stuck. You fall into self-doubt. You give up.

With a mindset that encourages self-improvement and growth, you’ll always be able to find a solution. In this fifth episode of Cynspiration, I talk to Gavin Maclin, a teacher and successful online business owner who’s also part of the entrepreneur community.


Gavin loves his job


Contrary to some other entrepreneurs who start online businesses, Gavin loves his job. He’s a teacher and works at a school with young children. The only challenge is that his job used to take a lot of his time, making him regularly work on weekends.


He was fulfilled working at the school, but he couldn’t spend more quality time with his friends and family. He felt stuck. He was going to leave it at that and accept it, but then there was a spark. He knew he had to change his mindset, and that he’d find a solution. All it would take is to start small.


How the mindset changed his life

Before even working on his business, Gavin understood the importance of having the right mindset. He played a lot of sports when he was younger, which meant he understood the importance of a growth mindset for his business to succeed. He started building an affiliate business from scratch, with no previous knowledge of digital businesses.


He followed a course, and every day took small steps. Three years later he’s running a successful business, hosts webinars and coaches other business owners.

He worked on his mindset by making sure he had an immediate circle of friends who were supportive and urged him on. He also consumed audio books and worked on understanding his strengths and weaknesses, which in turn would make more of an impact on himself, his students and his business.


The importance of being calm


Gavin accepts that he will fail, that he will get stressed, that things won’t always go the way he wants them to. But he trains his mind to be calm; he’s learnt to control his ‘pendulum’ and make sure it stays still, instead of swinging from one side to another. Remaining calm has changed his life and allowed him to be more self-aware.

Gavin also attributes being calm to knowing how to self-talk and understanding that sometimes there is simply nothing you can do. On the episode itself, Gavin shares how he was slightly nervous and worried this interview wouldn’t be as great as the first one – but just by saying this out loud, he notes how this calms and reassures him. Sharing your thoughts is the key to keeping calm.


The five mindset truths


Gavin’s five truths to being successful are the following:


1. Consistency

Without consistency, your business loses momentum. Instead of working 7 hours every Saturday and Sunday, do one hour a day. Take small steps.


2. Have fun

Gavin tells us he would have gone crazy without some fun while managing his business. It is essential to keep your energy going.


3. Calmness

As he mentions before, he knows he’s at his best in a moment of peace, and can, therefore, approach decisions more rationally. Being calm allows him to be more in control of his emotions and actions.


4. Self-awareness


Gavin was aware that he was working too hard and would soon crash and burn. By being mindful, he understood that he needed to take a step back, assess the situation and fix it.


5. Community


You are the average of the five people surrounding you. By making sure to have a community that continually supports you, and that has a positive impact on your life, you can’t go wrong.



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