Rebuilding from scratch can be hard

It’s especially hard when we fall trap to the saboteurs in our head that make us doubt our very own skills and passions. In this first episode of Cynspiration, I talk to Sietske, founder of the Own It magazine, and a fellow workshop friend of mine.

As a woman who has built her marketing and communication business and an inspiring and successful magazine for women, Sietske has been through some hardships of her own. After realising her marketing company did not fulfil her anymore, she looked for more creative ways to express herself.

It started with her very own magazine, detailing her journey and experiences. She then realised she also wanted to give a voice to other women, to inspire them to take action and share their thoughts. And so she founded Own It Magazine.

Through the creation of these magazines, she had to learn to get over her insecurities (her ‘saboteurs’), to face her fears and not let doubt impede her from moving forward. She sat down, wrote down the complete opposite of what her saboteurs were telling her and took power back.

Through effort, resilience and patience, she has found the confidence to gear her magazine in a new direction and therefore to rely much more on her intuition.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Why it’s essential to build a brand around you and your values
  • How Sietske realised that she wanted to give a voice to women and why
  • How she created her magazine and how it encourages women and helps them find a direction
  • What it’s like to rebuild a project from scratch
  • How to control the saboteurs and not let them prevent you from living your dreams
  • Sietske’s new plans for the future

Interesting reflections:

  • How do you prefer to express yourself? By writing? Through photography? By helping others?
  • How many times have you screwed up because you did not trust yourself?
  • Have you ever heard the saboteurs in your mind that make you more insecure? What do you do to fight them?
  • Have you ever felt the need to prove yourself to someone? Why?


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