Marketing Automation Can Be Very Effective Marketing for Small Business


Most people say they don’t know what Marketing Automation is!

Aweber recently asked 2,500+ members of their audience if they are using marketing automation.

Sixty-two per cent said “no!” 😲

And that got me wondering, why not?

After all, marketing automation can increase leads, conversions, revenue, AND it can save you time.

The stats prove it, according to VentureBeat Insight and Statista

  • 80% of marketing automation users increased their leads
  • 77% increased their conversions with automation
  • 73% of marketers say the most significant benefit of automation is saving time.

But it’s pretty simple to get started with marketing automation. Are you ready to?

Below, you’ll learn all about marketing automation, and why it’s a vital tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Consider this your definitive guide.


What Is Marketing Automation?


Marketing automation refers to platforms that help businesses more effectively market on multiple online channels (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.

Think about a marketing task you manually tackle over and over again each month or week. For example, you are sending an email to your new customers. Or, sharing your most popular blog post to your social channels.

These tasks might take 10 minutes, or they might take an hour, and they add up.

Soon enough, you might find you’re working late into the night or into the early hours of the morning to finish them all.

There’s a better way; marketing automation, it allows you to set it up once. Then, like clockwork, automation delivers that marketing message for you. It’s amazing. And an invaluable tool for time-strapped businesses.

Imagine a world where your best marketing content is delivered automatically to your audience at the perfect time.

You watch revenue flow into your bank account. Your business grows. You optimise your automation. More revenue streams into your bank account each month. Now, you’re saving hours and making money, and it’s automatic.

That’s the power of marketing automation.

This sounds amazing. But I need to be honest with you. There’s a drawback.


Marketing Automation Can Be Expensive, Overwhelming,


According to the market research 2, 50% of marketers think it’s confusing to use, and scary to automation, according to the market research firms Three Deep and Ascend 2.

And those are professional marketers!

I can only imagine how overwhelming it must be for a small business or entrepreneur.

However, there’s one part of marketing automation that’s easy to start, affordable, and, when done well, brings in revenue.

Email marketing!


Why Is Email Marketing The Most Important Part Of Automation?


Email automation is the heart of marketing automation. Put, it’s when you set up a series of emails to send automatically to subscribers at a specific time.

With it, you can connect with a person at every stage of their buyer journey –– from a lead to a customer to brand advocate.

You can build a relationship with an individual over the long term. And the best part? It runs on autopilot, creating connections and increasing revenue for you.

Without email marketing, marketing automation would be rather useless. Email does the heavy lifting –– converting your lead into a customer and keeping those customers happy.

The stats prove this as well:

  • Email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%, according to the Direct Marketing Association.
  • Automated email messages average 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than other marketing messages, according to Epsilon Email Institute.
  • Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook, and Twitter combined according to McKinsey & Company found.


The Advantages of Email Marketing


Price and Ease.

Emailing is not an expensive way to advertise products and services compared to many other types of marketing. It’s also straightforward to set up and track an email marketing campaign, making it a very accessible kind of marketing for small businesses.

Newsletters can be sent to the email list you’ve built from the people who provided the necessary information on your website. Providing these potential customers with news updates about your company, upcoming events and special offers – and, of course, reminding them that your business exists.


Email Marketing Is Still Relevant


In an age of increasing usage of social media for advertising, email marketing still rules the roost.

  • 94% of Internet users use email, while only 61% use social media
  • 75% of adult online users say that email marketing is their preferred marketing method
  • the “opt-in” feature of email allows marketing by consent
  • email marketing allows targeting by demographics (age, income, etc.)
  • email messages have more formatting possibilities than social media messages.
  • email offers more reporting and analytics capability, such as click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and conversions

The main advantage of email vs social media is that prospects and customers are more likely to see an email than social media. Just posting something doesn’t mean that everyone you want to see your message will see it. Your post might not even show up in your targets’ social media streams. However, an email will sit in the inbox until it’s read (or deleted).

Ideally, email marketing should go hand-in-hand with social media. Adding social media “Like” or “Share” buttons to your marketing emails gives an additional way for customers to connect with your brand. Snippets of positive reviews from social media fans can be included in emails. Conversely, social media postings can be used to encourage fans to subscribe to your email newsletters.

Email marketing can substantially increase your income if you do it correctly. (See the tips below.) It’s a great way to get people to visit and revisit your website or blog, and more traffic usually equates to more income.


Email Marketing Tips


#1 Build your list. Buying email lists is a waste of time. All you’re going to do by sending unsolicited email is to turn off prospects and run the risk of being labelled a spammer.

#2 Adhere to the rules of the CAN-SPAM Act. These rules include having a non-deceptive subject line, a method of unsubscribing, and your name and address at the end of the emails.


#3 Don’t just send out ads to buy all the time. Use your emails to build rapport with customers by sharing your expertise and that of others, giving them tips and insights they can value. Share information that lets them know more about you and your company if it’s exciting.


#4 Treat your list well. Remember that the people you’re using email to communicate with have trusted you with their email and name; they deserve your respect. Just as you deserve a chance to convert them from customers to fans, people who want to talk about and share your message and get involved in any way they can.


#5 Stick to a schedule if you’re doing a newsletter. Sending email on a regular day or days can help your subscribers know what to expect from you and when.


For more on email marketing and other online marketing strategies, see:

How To Make Money Online In Five Easy Steps

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How To Make Money Online In Five Easy Steps

If you’ve been on the internet for any length of time, you’ve probably heard about people working to make a livable income from their home. You may be thinking about starting an internet business itself, but just could not figure out how to make money online.

Using the Internet to generate income is not a difficult process. When you break down, the steps they are quite easy and simple. Here’s how to make money online in five easy steps.

# 1 Find a chance

The hardest part of making money online is finding the right opportunity. What you choose will do, of course, the focus of your efforts so you want to make sure you pick wisely. Tap into a home based business opportunity that a valuable service or product that people are interested in buying offers. Make sure it’s not too expensive and that you are able to effectively market to people outside of your family and friends.

# 2 you get a website

Having a website is crucial to making money online. It is the place where both customers and potential business partners will go to learn more about your business and purchase your products.

There are many places online that your website hosted. However, it is best to buy a domain name and host your own website below. Besides the fact that free web hosts tend to limit what you can do in their area, hosting your website on its own domain makes you look more professional, and encourages people to trust you.

# 3 Set up a web presence

People cannot buy from you if they do not know you exist. So you need to get out on the internet and introduce yourself to people. It’s about getting into social networking sites like Twitter and participate take place at the hundreds of thousands of calls, or you can visit other websites and enable the owner and their visitors in the comments section.

# 4 Market your business

Do not be shy to tell people about your business. There is an arsenal of promotional tools on the Internet that you can use to your advantage. Article marketing, advertising, blogging, posting instructional videos; all of these are great ways of spreading the word about your business and drawing curious visitors to your website.

# 5-Build on your successes

It is important to try many things to build your business. It is even more important to track what works and build on those successes. For example, if you find that email marketing is bringing in the money, find other ways to follow people on your email list.

Learning how to make money online is a bit of a challenge and can be overwhelming if you’re just starting. Keep it simple and focus on the task at hand. Let these five steps your guide to creating a home-based business that will bring years of joy and profit.

Final Thoughts And Tips

I hope this has been helpful and I look forward to providing you with further information that will guide you as you market your products and services online.

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Run a business with heart

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