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Have you finally decided that this is your year? Maybe you’ve made massive efforts to move forward in your business, but it still hasn’t happened. Perhaps, you’ve invested tons of dollars in mentors and coaching, but you haven’t exactly got the results you were hoping for.

Maybe you think success and business are for other people and not for you and you just wish you had a magic wand to make it all work.What if I told you that you are the one limiting your business growth.

Money blocks are a massive part of putting a break on your business growth. Clearing these blocks is the way to get past them. I’d love to help.

Today let’s talk about three significant ways you could be limiting your business growth right now.

Are you investing a lot of money for personal development stuff, but not the practical things in your business and therefore limiting your business growth?


First, let’s get honest

It is essential to work on yourself to be an accomplished woman in business, but you need to balance investing in you with the practical things that are going to help you increase your income as well.

Recently I was about to spend money on a workshop and realised this was not the smartest thing to do at this time.
I was still doing everything in my business and scared of investing in the practical stuff. I wasn’t thinking out of the box at all. I was running trying to do everything and stressing myself out instead of doing what I was good at and outsource some tasks

I decided to spend some money on practical things that were stressing me out and preventing me from making more money.

You can’t do it all yourself. Well, you can, but you shouldn’t. You can invest in a freelance site like Fiverr or to manage your inbox, a bookkeeper to make it easier at tax time or a company to manage your social media platforms. Believe me; outsourcing made me feel super grown up and in business.

Perhaps for you, it’s to hire someone to do your ironing or cleaning or a nanny to free you up to do the work that you truly love and excel at, which is amazing for growing your business!

Think about where you’re at and what investment will move your business forward. I’m not saying don’t invest in self-development. I’m a huge fan and would be the empowered woman I am if I hadn’t joined great programs, but I see too many entrepreneurs like us who have an approach to investing in ourselves but not in the things that will make your life easier.

The important thing is that you have the resources you need to stop living the life of a busybody in your own business and start having the freedom again to focus on and work in your zone of genius!


Waiting for the magic solution

The other way you’re limiting your business growth: waiting for the magic solution.

Consistency is key to building a striving business, not a magical solution. The truth behind six or seven-figure business is boring.

When I first heard my high-end business mentors talking about his 10K business. His strategy was so simple, I thought hmm “This is the beginning, he’s going to dive deeper and tell us the secret behind the multiple zeros,” but that was it.

It was sticking to the basics, rinse and repeat

There’s no magic solution. People always think there is a secret sauce that successful entrepreneur don’t share with them.

Consistency is the secret weapon and leads to success

Just go deep into your zone of genius and try one thing rather than trying new things all the time.


Prioritize money mindset work every day

Here’s the third way that you to grow your business: Practice money mindset work daily.

The women I speak to say they want to work on their money mindset but don’t have the time or are waiting for the money first – which is completely

Mindset work should come first, business strategy second. Building a business with the same beliefs and money blocks will sabotage and limit your business growth

You have to find the time to work on your money mindset and treat that as just as necessary as building your business. Without it, everything else is going tedious and scary.

Money mindset work is a continuous process. Not a miracle solution.

To keep on growing, you have to do that work and clear the mental blocks. Increasing your income level is not the solution either.
You might think “I’m changed forever! Hurray.” But, it is not that simple. Having more money does not fix money blocks.

I consistently work on my money mindset and clear my blocks so I can maintain and go to the next level in my business.
The mindset work got me here, and it’s helping me grow as well.

It doesn’t stop it gets easier. You have to keep doing it.

Woman, it’s your time to shine and you’re ready for the next step.

How To Make Money Online In Five Easy Steps

If you’ve been on the internet for any length of time, you’ve probably heard about people working to make a livable income from their home. You may be thinking about starting an internet business itself, but just could not figure out how to make money online.

Using the Internet to generate income is not a difficult process. When you break down, the steps they are quite easy and simple. Here’s how to make money online in five easy steps.

# 1 Find a chance

The hardest part of making money online is finding the right opportunity. What you choose will do, of course, the focus of your efforts so you want to make sure you pick wisely. Tap into a home based business opportunity that a valuable service or product that people are interested in buying offers. Make sure it’s not too expensive and that you are able to effectively market to people outside of your family and friends.

# 2 you get a website

Having a website is crucial to making money online. It is the place where both customers and potential business partners will go to learn more about your business and purchase your products.

There are many places online that your website hosted. However, it is best to buy a domain name and host your own website below. Besides the fact that free web hosts tend to limit what you can do in their area, hosting your website on its own domain makes you look more professional, and encourages people to trust you.

# 3 Set up a web presence

People cannot buy from you if they do not know you exist. So you need to get out on the internet and introduce yourself to people. It’s about getting into social networking sites like Twitter and participate take place at the hundreds of thousands of calls, or you can visit other websites and enable the owner and their visitors in the comments section.

# 4 Market your business

Do not be shy to tell people about your business. There is an arsenal of promotional tools on the Internet that you can use to your advantage. Article marketing, advertising, blogging, posting instructional videos; all of these are great ways of spreading the word about your business and drawing curious visitors to your website.

# 5-Build on your successes

It is important to try many things to build your business. It is even more important to track what works and build on those successes. For example, if you find that email marketing is bringing in the money, find other ways to follow people on your email list.

Learning how to make money online is a bit of a challenge and can be overwhelming if you’re just starting. Keep it simple and focus on the task at hand. Let these five steps your guide to creating a home-based business that will bring years of joy and profit.

Final Thoughts And Tips

I hope this has been helpful and I look forward to providing you with further information that will guide you as you market your products and services online.

If it feels daunting to start an online business on your own, view this > getting started with a new lifestyle video < you can make an application to join a Digital Business Education Company and learn more about how to use free and paid online marketing strategies and becoming a successful online marketer and digital entrepreneur.

Traffic generation is the lifeblood of your online business. >> This free online business start-up training at this link will help you >> CLICK HERE.

Run a business with heart

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