Getting Back Your Inner Power

Self Conquest is the highest Victory.”

To find inner power, savour and maintain a state of wholeness you have to know how to use the freedom that capacitates you and allows you to achieve the full realisation of your self


Learn to have faith in this liberty, this wholeness and life.

Discover what brings you close to this state and what distances you from it. Fear is one of the enemies that act as an obstacle to wholeness.

Unawareness, inconsistency, lack of focus and inner fluctuation will steal from you the energy that is necessary to feel whole.


Take risks to concede yourself power

Free yourself of any aspect that throws a shadow over you.

Allow your being to manifest and express itself with all its potential.


To leave in wholeness, be in charge of your inner world. If not, you will only experience brief moments of wholeness.


To achieve wholeness, you not only have to have inner control but also to revise whether there is any crack or door open to weakness in your personality.


Because if you strengthen yourself on the one hand and the other side you’re weakened you’ll never reach that state of inner power.


If you fill a bucket of water, that has holes and cracks, however much water you put into the bucket, it will carry on emptying itself.


You have to find out which are the holes and cracks of your personality through which your energy leaks.


As much as you try to fill yourself, the emptiness generated by these losses will continue.


Getting back your inner power also means recognising 

# You are responsible for how you are

# The potential to discover, develop and master is in you

# It is essential to have control over your inner the world resources and faculties, your mind, intellect, traits, conditioning and habits

# Strengthen values such as tolerance acceptance and flexibility if you want to leave peacefully and survive the times of turbulence and change

# There are beliefs and habits that trigger your fears, doubts and suffering that you could avoid

# There are beliefs that block you that you should change.


Fundamentally, we do not take on the responsibility for your own life

It is easier to blame others for how we are.


When you are irritated, upset and catch yourself blaming the rest of the world for it, try to remember that you are responsible for what you do and how you respond to what happens?


Stop being a victim and take on FULL responsibility for your reactions; this is the foundation of inner power.


You have spent years with a mind that thinks a lot, thinks unnecessarily, with habits that are not altogether healthy.


Transforming all this requires interest, will, perseverance, study practice and above all patience.

“Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.” — Stephen Covey

To get back that state of personal control that gives you the capacity to love without depending, to love and be free, to enjoy without being afraid and to live with courage you have to revise your beliefs.


Do you believe that to love you need to worry yourself obsessively?


Do you believe that worries are healthy or help you to channel the energy of your mind to find solutions?


If the answer is no, then revise why you hold on to these worries, holding on to them is not a good use of your life energy. The energy of thought is power.


We are made up of the human, the physical, the corporeal and being which is spiritual.


The mind forms part of being and has an extensive function, given that it thinks, imagines, desires creates, associates, remembers, projects.


You will find that one way or another you live and react to the way you think.


We are all creators of thoughts.


Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

The 10 truths you need to know about underearners

Are you an underearner?


Many people do not realise that they are underearners, and are surprised to know that they are not earning what they’re are worth.


As it is not a matter of how much you make, you could be making five figures, but might not be earning enough. On the other hand, you might feel you are making less, but might be an over earner.

I got a painful wake-up when I launched the online business and stepped into Entrepreneurship. It forced me to face and recognise my unhealthy behaviour with money and look for resources ways to re-program my brain.

To help you educate on the matter, here is the list that made me realise I’d been an underearner most of my life.



You might talk as if you are trapped, or might feel that you are stuck. It is natural for underearners to feel that they are stuck in a particular space, and are unable to get out of their situation.


Underearners tend to give their power away and are constantly blaming others for their shortcomings. They create situations they get stuck in and tend to throw the blame around every chance they get.


These people think too little of themselves and tend to do more for less. The kind of people who would give away their knowledge, time, skills, and experience for a lower price, because they do not feel they are worth anything more.


Underearners are known to back off as soon as things get tough, or they feel like a challenge is ahead of them. They are more comfortable staying in their comfort zone, and never push themselves to achieve more.


Underearners are known to undermine themselves, and everything they do. It might not be a conscious habit, but it exists. These people are often found in traps such as procrastinating, rationalising problems, job hopping, and other draining habits that lead to self-sabotage.


These people are unable to see their value, which makes them codependent and to put others needs before theirs. Also, they start to live in self-denial, resentment, anger, pain, and illness. If you keep on this road, you will destroy your career and your personal life.

Financial Chaos

They live from one paycheck to another and often struggle to make ends meet. Crawl under debts and do not seem to see the end. People who have high income also have these struggles when they don’t manage their money.


When it comes to money underearners tend to be vague, and live by the rules of delusion and avoidance. An underearner rarely knows how much they have left, and how much they are down in debt. Also, they live in a world of wishful thinking.


Underearners lack the courage to push themselves but do not feel anyone else deserve anything either. This can make them negative and jealous and leads to self-sabotage.


These individuals are afraid of success, as they fear rejection and failing badly. So when it’s time to take on responsibility, these underearners tend to panic and leave.

These are the top ten signs of an underearner, and what they should work on change for a better future. Remember that each sign is self-imposed, and can be worked on. Do not underestimate yourself, as it is time to take a stand and change your life for good.

A lot of us fall into this underearner bracket, the good thing is that we can change our mindset, transform our habits and upgrade our worth!

The first step is awareness, the second is acceptance and the third one is to create change.

I am happy to share the tools that got me to a better relationship with my money.

You deserve more!

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 Written By Cynthia Serra Neves – 10 truths you need to know about underearners – Back To Top

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When Will Women Begin To Exploit Their Leadership Potential?

The topic of women leadership potential is still a hot topic with leaders like Oprah and Arianna Huffington asking women to lean in – there is a real need for female leadership and feminine values in our organisations and in the world.

Leadership is a simple notion that still divides opinions.

First, let’s look at what leadership is not.

Seniority or titles are not leadership.

Many people refer to top executives as leaders. Leadership doesn’t always happen when you reach a certain pay grade. You might find it there, but there are no guarantees. You can be a leader in your community, with your family.

Leadership isn’t an adjective and has nothing to do with personal attributes.

People wrongly associate the word leader with dominance, take-charge, charisma. Charismatic and extroverted people don’t automatically lead.

Do not confuse management and leadership.

There is a lot of confusion between these two. Managers plan, measure, monitor, coordinate, solve, hire, fire, and so many other things.

Typically, managers manage things. Leaders lead people.

So, what is Leadership?

Leadership is a series of social influence, that maximises the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.

Leadership originates from social impact, not authority or power. It is not related to personality traits, attributes, or titles; there is a multitude of styles and paths, to effective leadership.

It always includes a goal, not influence with no intended outcome.

Why are there so few female leaders?

If we look at the business world, politics, the media, and non-profit organisation, women are under-represented at high levels.

Out of 195 heads of states around the world, only 22 are women even in so-called “developed countries.”

Men are leading 89% of the countries in the world.

While these figures are shocking, I have been wondering wonder if leadership for women means rising to the top?

Or if “rising to the top” is an aspiration that is more fitting for a masculine and outdated paradigm and that we are not approaching leadership with the feminine angle?

Do women want to be leaders?


I believe we do, but I wonder if we want to rise to the top. I am starting to learn that it’s more about raising together.

Female leadership has to do with looking out for the greatest good of all.

While I see money and profit important, I don’t see the feminine leadership adage as “money before people.” I see it as “let’s help humanity to be healthy and abundant.”

There is no doubt that feminine leaders see money as a useful tool that helps people live a better life. But we also know how people suffer when money becomes the priority over humanity.

In an article J. Oelwang, CEO of Virgin United talked about how values that used to be classified as “too feminine” are now becoming vital. “I believe women haven’t been assuming more leadership positions in the world today because the systems we’ve created do not place the right value on the strengths that women can bring to the table,” she said.

Instead of labelling these values as masculine or feminine, she calls them “Gaia values”.

I love this. Gaia personifies Earth and is the mother of all life.


She is the Divine Feminine. You might have already noticed that the Divine Feminine is coming back into our consciousness.

Gaia values are about helping all beings to live healthier and happier lives. It is never about us against them. It is about how we all prosper together.

For more women to be in leadership positions, we (both women and men) need to honour the feminine virtues of our intuitive, compassionate and emotional nature.

As a friend shared with me recently, “to endure my job, I cut myself off from my emotions — a result, she cuts off part of her intelligence.

Our emotions are the holders of our intelligence.



They are the doorway to our intuition, wisdom and our connection to our humanity.

Right now, globally, too much power is in the hands of men and the male perspective. It is tough for women to soar in this paradigm. The few women who have climbed to the top, have sacrificed a lot of their feminine essence and values to reach the top.

The key to creating a balance is to identify what we value in this world. If we carry on forcing our way to the top of the mountain using the traditional ways (i.e. survival of the fittest), I believe we would end up tumbling back down bruised and disconnected.

Our spirits are calling for something ancient. Our souls are calling for us to unleash our feminine power and operate from a place of universal compassion.

When we honour the feminine within us, we honour it around the world.

This recognition, I believe, is the new path to leadership and the world needs us to show to the next generation of women and men that is possible.


Is The essence of future leadership

is feminine at heart?


According to John Gerzema, “femininity will be the operating system of the 21st century.”

Leaders sharing their vulnerability and emotions in an authentic way. This type of leadership challenges what we find in traditional power systems today.

The values or qualities that can be characterised as more “feminine” — collaboration, connectedness, interdependence, sharing, inclusiveness — these are the values we need to build back into our leadership, our institutions and our society.


So women and armed with these Gaia values are perfectly positioned to take on powerful leadership roles in this changing world order.  


The future successful businesses will incorporate these values and always do well by doing good. There has never been a better time and more critical need for women to embrace leadership roles and for all of us to embrace their Gaia. 


The day I stepped into my leadership is the day I decided to leave my 9 to 5 job and learn how to run an online business. If someone had told me at the time that I would leave my 9 to 5 job, step out of my comfort zone, and then decide to pack my life and travel the world I would have laughed and dismissed their comment. Well, here I am doing exactly that, I sometimes have to pinch myself!


Nobody can reverse the trend but you and I. Don’t try to conform and fit into the mould; instead, be an example of change by fully embodying and embracing your feminine qualities.


Our future, the future of the next generation, depends on it.

Written By Cynthia Serra NevesWhy isn’t your life feeling good right now?

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Stand For Disruption And Redesign A Life You Love

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”. 

—George Bernard Shaw


Disruption is the force I stand for in every blog I write.

But it’s not enough to only talk about ideas. We have to be part of them. So I’ve turned my life—my mindset, my body and my relationships—into a lab for disruption and innovation.

Disrupting myself and everything I have ever known is my riskiest and scariest move to date.

All my life people have been telling me: You should be a teacher a translator, or you should open a shop. NO. I am not that, and I never will be. Furthermore, I want to be more than any of that; I want to be a voice — the intersection of culture, entrepreneurship and life.

That’s what I want to be, and that’s what I hope I represent.

So welcome entrepreneurs. We may fail. We may succeed.

Our new way of living and thinking may cause a commotion. Guess what? That’s the point. That’s Disruption. I stand alongside your journey toward change because I believe in what you are doing, and want to be a part of it. Because together, we represent the future of our economy and our culture.

Change isn’t easy.

As I learned through redesigning my life, there are hard days, budgetary constraints, disagreements and hurt feelings and times when I wonder why I started this crazy undertaking at all.

When you wish you had just played it safe and were doing something, anything, else.

You stick to it because what you are doing is not just important—it may be your legacy. Also if it were straightforward, everyone would be doing it.

A decade ago entrepreneurship was associated with fraud, trickery. Being an entrepreneur meant not having a job.

Look how things have evolved, and now entrepreneurship is a synonym of vision, risk, character, influence because it is now about living the dream. It is more than being your boss because it is about creating something and change mentalities or the course of history.

Look at the best-performing companies, leaders, personalities, cultures and operations—and, more important, why they perform. For any entrepreneurs, it’s an excellent way to find lessons, takeaways and hints to building a sustainable company—one that will stand for disruption for years to come.

Entrepreneurs aren’t just building businesses; they’re building stronger communities by helping resolve issues.

The heart of my business is my love for women; I am a Feminist who wants to empower women in all areas of their lives and convert their problems and doubts into opportunities.

Finally, if this resonates with you if you have a dream and want to be at service of others and provide value to your communities and the world try our 1-month free trial leading edge educational programme by clicking now on the link below.

Do Learn Teach.

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Why do people Underperform


Do you every feel crazy busy and so overwhelmed that you can’t get things done because there is a too much going on? Whether it’s information overload, tonnes of projects or technology shooting from every direction?

1- Define specific goals.

The great thing about modern life is you can do so much, and the problem is you can do so much! So it becomes critical to define what you want to do and simplify things down. I suggest that you have three short-term goals (today), three medium term goals (2 to 4 weeks), three long-term goals (6 to 12 months) and 3-lifetime goals. Like this you work towards short-term and long-term goals, it helps you prioritise and forces you to stay focused and lift a huge weight from your shoulders. When we try to do too much, we get overwhelmed and at the end of the day, realise we were busy but still did not accomplish much. People underperform because they fail to prioritise and define specific goals.

2 – Stop screen sucking

There is this common tendency of checking emails, social medias, messages. We start by checking one email and an hour later we are still glued on to the screen, sucking away at it! Screens exert a hypnotic power over our eyeballs, and we lose track of time and of what we’re not doing. Screens have now become interactive and activate the same dopamine circuitry that drives addictions; it captures your attention, you don’t give it away it seduces away from you. So beware of screen sucking, one way to prevent it is to have a set amount of time that you reserve for the digital world, and then turn it off otherwise it’s like a jar sweets on your desk you keep reaching for it. There’s something irresistible about an unopened message that we can’t resist.
People spend a least 20 minutes dealing with unplanned interruptions. It’s a colossal waste, not only we spend time dealing with the disruption but it takes time, and it’s not easy to get back to what we had been doing and reconstitute our focus.

3 – Think about It

Don’t say yes to everything. Most of us tend to be quickly very generous and say sure I’ll do it, and it’s a great asset, but if you’re not careful, it becomes a liability. Before we know it, we’re over-committed, over-stretched over-booked and about to snap.
You can say no directly and if you are not comfortable doing so try to say let me think about it and I will get back to you then you can say I thought about it I don’t have time to do justice to your project. People will appreciate your honesty and approach.

4 – Never worry alone.

The irony of modern life is that we are super connected electronically, but as we’ve done so, we have disconnected interpersonally. There is an awful lot of unacknowledged loneliness out there. People miss that sense of affiliation, of belonging, and company. Keep in mind the people that you can call to worry about money, relationships, work, close friends you can worry about anything but we also need people with expertise.

Three things to do when worrying, don’t do it alone, get your facts because Toxic worry is usually rooted in the wrong information, the lack of information or both. The last step is to make a plan; when we have a plan, we feel more in control, and less vulnerable wich makes us more efficient. Worrying becomes toxic when we are alone; we overthink, dramatise, globalise, get paralysed, anchored down, then you withdraw and disconnect. Sharing the worry with someone is problem-solving and then the next minute you laughing about it.

5- Cultivate your garden and get rid of weeds.

Your garden is the people or projects that are worth it.
They may take a lot of time and effort, may cause you all kinds of pains and agony but in the long run, they are worth it. To have time for your garden, you’ve got to get rid of weeds: people or projects that are not worth it. They may be worth it in their own right but not to you; they don’t pay back the time that you put in. People keep weeds for two reasons guilt or inertia. Withdraw from them so you can prioritise and focus on what matters to you.

We often forget to use the control we have.
You are stronger than you think.

Stay focus and inspire someone today.

Learn to fail and you will succeed


People that are hungry for success are not playing at being successful.


They don’t even ask that question because even if they fail they’re going to keep going no matter what. So when people ask the question “is it ok to fail”? I worry and wonder if it is because they want a place to hide. I fear that it’s because they want to give themselves job security.

If you want to own your life, the first thing you throw out of the window is job security. You also need to realise that failure is the most valuable learning opportunity that there will ever be. If you show that you learn from your mistakes, it almost doesn’t matter how big the mistake is. What is important is that you earn the reputation of being a person who learns from a mistake.
When I started my online business, I wrote a few bullet points about my belief system and one of them is that failing is fine and does not make you a failure!
If someone tells me don’t do it, you might fail. Regardless of what they say I still decide to go out and fail.
If I fail, I move quickly beyond it and actively learn from my mistakes and look at them as an education.


People that succeed don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over. They don’t set out to fail; they set out to move fast and do something great. They talk about failure only as a reminder that it’s potent, that failure is a lesson, they’re focused on moving forward.


So the real question you should be asking yourself is what reputation do I need to earn?
The reputation you want everyone to know is the one of a person who doesn’t stop when they hit an obstacle they keep going. That person is driven, has got a vision and is going to accomplish it. People would follow someone like that.
Now if you want to be a leader there is no rule manual, there are only people understanding your vision and inspired by you. I just heard an excellent quote recently “If you really want to be a great person in a great relationship, then the person by your side, should feel better about themselves when they walk away.
Think about that for a minute. That’s a leader.


They should feel better for having spent time with you the mere act of being in your presence makes them feel better about them, not about you! Now that’s a reputation I would love to earn for myself. That is what we should be focused on. To get the results, you’re going to have to pick yourself up, to brush yourself off, get the skills you are lacking and led to your failure in the first place. Learn from that mistake figure out how it’s applicable, show the world that it’s not going to stop you or slow you down and that you’re going to keep going. Find the fire in your guts, feed that fire and turn it into something real and you will become unstoppable, why because YOU choose to be.
What the F does it matter whether mistakes are ok or not? You build that reputation, let people see it pouring out of every action, you have a vision and know exactly what you want to accomplish with your life and you’re going F. to do it.
Own the fact that you are not yet the person you need to be in order to accomplish it. Don’t worry about that because you’re hell bent to acquire the skills you need to execute and achieve the things you want.


Think about your reputation, don’t worry about failure. Reflect on who you want to be, focus on things that built lasting happiness. Remember that fire that gets you out of bed and makes you want to be a better version of yourself.


It’s ok because you say it’s ok not because I say it’s ok.


Keep grinding



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