Forgiveness has the power to release Freedom and Happiness.


There’s an Arab proverb that states that you should write the bad things that happen to you in the sand so that they can be quickly erased from your memory.

However, most of us engrave things that happen to us in stone; therefore, our painful memories remain immortalised in our minds.

My past taught me that when someone harms you, you’re chained to that mistreatment and memory like a slave.

Forgiveness requires self-discipline, will-power complex thinking and personal effort. It’s a Freedom Crusade.

It’s not forgetting, an act of kindness or being a doormat; It’s to be courageous and to decide to start living like a Badass!

Feeding the anger that lives in you will not fight the pain but feed it. Before you know it you’ve absorbed the worst of your “past” and on some level even start to operate with the same toxic and destructive energy.

Forgiveness isn’t an airy-fairy way of saying it’s okay

It’s setting ourselves free from the emotional chains, as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment that link us to this experience.

It’s saying what you did is not okay, and I refuse to be connected to it any longer!

Forgiveness is about being a Freedom Champion!

Being free means not being a hostage of the past,

Being free means laughing more than others,

Being free means seeing beauty everywhere, and looking forward to another day,

Being free means not being afraid of criticism and follow your heart no matter what,

Being free means speaking the truth,

Isn’t that’s worth fighting for?


Forgiveness is self-love.

It’s committing to yourself to not live in the shadow of your tormentors, but being present and open to all possibilities, to be limitless and to create and generate the life you truly desire.

You do get to choose how you will let happiness into your life. Don’t sell your soul to the phantoms of your past.

The Darkness is only there to show you the light that shines within and cannot and will never be extinguished.

Forgiveness is the most magnificent middle finger of all time!

Reclaim your life!


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