In the past two years, I Have Quit The Rat Race, Started an Online Business and…..


Let’s go back a little bit in my past

I’ve been living in London for ten years now, and before that, I used to live in the South West of France in the charming city of  Pau

I started to work in retail when I was at Uni. It was meant to be a temporary student job that turned out to last for 20 years. I enjoyed it for a long time and gained a lot of amazing skills.

There were times in my career where I worked 70+ hours a week or commute three hours a day. I end up feeling drained, isolated and resentful. I never had the time or freedom to make choices without having to report to a boss, could not take holidays for Christmas

Towards the end I felt drained, disconnected, unfulfilled and isolated and resentful, I never had the time or freedom to make choices without having to report to a boss.

Still, I was tolerating this situation.


I didn’t know any better.

My environment of friends, family, and work colleagues shaped my belief system, and I thought that getting an education, a lifetime career, climbing the corporate ladder was the only path to success. I saw myself continually working hard on something with no passion.


For What?

To afford a living and stay stuck in a system of working harder and harder to pay my bills. Depressing hey!

It all started to shift in 2014; I came back from 2 weeks holidays with my family. I had a great time but also realised they had this life I was not part of.

I lived abroad and worked a “traditional” job which meant I was limited by my yearly holiday entitlement.

I started wondering why I was slaving away at something I was not passionate about anymore.


That Was My Wake Up Call

I started by searching for ways to generate more income, so I had more time and freedom. Following my coaching dream, I started saving money, enrolled in a Coaching Training course and started working part-time

Finally, I was going to follow my passion. I was so excited by the prospect of becoming a coach, help people and spend less time in my job.


Reality Check

After three months of study, I got stuck, I had not done enough research in the course and found it tough to do it on my own with no mentorship.

I lost motivation, confidence, and gave up.

I beat myself up for this and was stuck for months, drowning in my procrastination, feeling disconnected, lost, angry and incapable of taking action.


Getting Back On The Horse

After eighteen months of procrastination, I decided to get a coach to help me get my Mojo back.

My coach helped me graduate to a level of understanding of who I am and what I want to achieve.

Who says that your reality has to suck? Your truth is whatever you perceive it to be.

Once you realise you have the CHOICE and ABILITY to take control of your life that feeling of being an energetic, brave soul comes back, believe me, the world becomes exciting again!


Mindset Shift

Freedom was my goal, and I wasn’t sure how to achieve that.

I started (somewhat obsessively) reading, searching watching, following, inspiring, influential, wealthy, successful people and noticed the common denominator between them was Entrepreneurship.

My mindset on business life and money started shifting.

I started thinking I want my own business. How am I going to achieve the lifestyle of my dreams? Is there a solution out there?

I had to find a way of knowing I had no savings and a part-time salary that just provided for my basic needs.



It was there all along! THE INTERNET.

The Internet is a flexible platform that allows anyone to set up a business quickly with low costs.

Not only that, running a digital business allows a person to set up automated systems that could generate income and sales from anywhere in the world.

All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection.

No boss to report to, no cap on my earnings and no one to tell me when I can and can’t take holidays!

After a long debate with myself, I emailed my friends and family and borrowed money and invested in my first mentors and a Digital Education Program.

I had support at every level by setting up my first online business.

I have quit my job and never felt so free, happy and relaxed. I have now been in this program since November 2015, and I am still mastering this digital business.

As a student, I can earn while I learn this new skill.

I have to work hard, but the rewards have exceeded my expectations.

I live the life I have crafted in my mind for years, take care of my family, coach women into entrepreneurship, and have the privilege to buddy anyone who wants to start this business while growing a passive income.


My Career is NOT My Life

I didn’t come to this decision lightly, and it still goes against many of my logical ideas about how you’re supposed to prepare for the leap into full-time online entrepreneurship.

But I believe with all my heart this is the right decision.

For the past decade my family, relationships, health and overall happiness have all taken a backseat to my job and my career.

I’m not willing to sacrifice those things anymore.

I’m committed to this journey of Creating a Lifestyle Business!

A life that revolves around my life, rather than my business.

Why Now Is The Right Time To Quit?

Things are evolving quickly and drastically in the digital vs. traditional.

If you’re feeling the same things I’ve mentioned here, right now is the best time to think about re-organising your life and finding balance.

I mean, why wait?

The next month, the next year, heck even the next decade is going to go by anyway.

What will you have to show for it? Money? That only helps you buy stuff; it doesn’t create lasting memories or experiences.

Recognition in your career? That’s great, but it doesn’t feed your soul.

I’d rather eat cheap noodles everyday and have no regrets, than eat caviar every night and live a miserable life.

For this reason, I decided to quit my job to pursue more important things in life, and I think you should consider the same!

We All Deserve To Live Life On Our Terms

If building a business is new to you, know that the transition from ’employee’ to ‘entrepreneur’ can be challenging!

Having the right support, coaches and community to guide you through that transition will fast track your growth and help you get into the right mindset.

If you are interested in learning what I do, I would like to share with you the same training I used to get myself started.

You are in for a treat, at the moment we have 30-day free trial access, to decide if it is for you and which membership suits your needs and finance.

This training is packed with information and will give you a clear picture of what it takes and how it all works. You’ll also learn how you can get started in the most straightforward, and safest way.

This will require work, NO pain NO gain.

We provide the training and the tools you do the job! It all depends on how much effort you are willing to put into it.

If you expect to earn $10 000 in 1 week, one month or even six months this is not for you, go and look for a good Scam on the web.

I hope my story inspires you to go for YOUR dream!



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