Self Conquest is the highest Victory.”

To find inner power, savour and maintain a state of wholeness you have to know how to use the freedom that capacitates you and allows you to achieve the full realisation of your self


Learn to have faith in this liberty, this wholeness and life.

Discover what brings you close to this state and what distances you from it. Fear is one of the enemies that act as an obstacle to wholeness.

Unawareness, inconsistency, lack of focus and inner fluctuation will steal from you the energy that is necessary to feel whole.


Take risks to concede yourself power

Free yourself of any aspect that throws a shadow over you.

Allow your being to manifest and express itself with all its potential.


To leave in wholeness, be in charge of your inner world. If not, you will only experience brief moments of wholeness.


To achieve wholeness, you not only have to have inner control but also to revise whether there is any crack or door open to weakness in your personality.


Because if you strengthen yourself on the one hand and the other side you’re weakened you’ll never reach that state of inner power.


If you fill a bucket of water, that has holes and cracks, however much water you put into the bucket, it will carry on emptying itself.


You have to find out which are the holes and cracks of your personality through which your energy leaks.


As much as you try to fill yourself, the emptiness generated by these losses will continue.


Getting back your inner power also means recognising 

# You are responsible for how you are

# The potential to discover, develop and master is in you

# It is essential to have control over your inner the world resources and faculties, your mind, intellect, traits, conditioning and habits

# Strengthen values such as tolerance acceptance and flexibility if you want to leave peacefully and survive the times of turbulence and change

# There are beliefs and habits that trigger your fears, doubts and suffering that you could avoid

# There are beliefs that block you that you should change.


Fundamentally, we do not take on the responsibility for your own life

It is easier to blame others for how we are.


When you are irritated, upset and catch yourself blaming the rest of the world for it, try to remember that you are responsible for what you do and how you respond to what happens?


Stop being a victim and take on FULL responsibility for your reactions; this is the foundation of inner power.


You have spent years with a mind that thinks a lot, thinks unnecessarily, with habits that are not altogether healthy.


Transforming all this requires interest, will, perseverance, study practice and above all patience.

“Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.” — Stephen Covey

To get back that state of personal control that gives you the capacity to love without depending, to love and be free, to enjoy without being afraid and to live with courage you have to revise your beliefs.


Do you believe that to love you need to worry yourself obsessively?


Do you believe that worries are healthy or help you to channel the energy of your mind to find solutions?


If the answer is no, then revise why you hold on to these worries, holding on to them is not a good use of your life energy. The energy of thought is power.


We are made up of the human, the physical, the corporeal and being which is spiritual.


The mind forms part of being and has an extensive function, given that it thinks, imagines, desires creates, associates, remembers, projects.


You will find that one way or another you live and react to the way you think.


We are all creators of thoughts.


Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

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