Welcome to the latest buzz around the Cynspiration Hive – This week, Hallowe’en week, we talk about something terrifying – Fear and how it holds us back! Grab your garlic and your wooden stakes because we are going to learn how to face up to it!

You can do this my brave ones, you need to dig a bit deeper so let’s talk about the weapons that you have in your arsenal to slay the monster!

The Scariest Monsters Are The Ones That Lurk Within Our Souls -~ Edgar Allen Poe.

What Happens When Fear Raises Its Ugly Head?


Fear is a universal human emotion. Every culture experiences it. As we approach Hallowe’en, we may even enjoy being afraid in controlled circumstances! Who doesn’t enjoy a good ghost story or scary movie?

Uncontrolled fear, however, is a different beast entirely! It can unleash a whole load of nasties that can plague us, torment us and lurk in the dark corners of our minds. My followers know that mindset is everything. 

Fear can cause us to doubt ourselves, lose momentum, question our judgment and compare ourselves unfavourably. Just like the emotional trauma, I discussed last week; fear is an invisible menace that we only become aware of when it starts to manifest in our daily lives.

We begin to suffer from analysis paralysis, paranoia, and wasting our precious energy on things that don’t serve us and don’t move us forward as entrepreneurs or as people. 

What can we do to stop the downward spiral of negative thinking and fear-based beliefs?

Fear Grows In Darkness. If You Think There’s A Bogeyman Around, Turn On The Light  ~ Dorothy Thompson


Overcome the Monster

It takes some effort but it the payoff is so worth it! Imagine being the one in charge of your thoughts, motivations, habits and actions – no more living in the shadows my friends if you follow the following steps to help you free yourself of the things that suck your mental, emotional and physical energy.

Bookmarked References 

  1. Build Awareness of Your Fear (04:18)
  2. Letting Go of Fear (04:55)
  3. Reframe Your Thoughts (05:40)
  4. Be/Do/Have/Feel – Explore and Refocus (06:29)
  5. Meditate and Visualize (07:40)

Whenever that monster appears, break it down, then break it down some more until it no longer holds the power to control you and your actions. These simple exercises will empower you and enhance your understanding of who you are, so don’t wait for ‘Fright Night’ to strike again. Get started on them now!

Magic Is Really Very Simple, All You Have Got To Do Is Want Something Then Let Yourself Have It ~ Aggie Cromwell (HalloweenTown)


Make Your Own Magic

Everything that you need to be a success is inside you. Sometimes, because of past experiences, we don’t allow ourselves to claim the prize and we self-sabotage. Don’t be haunted by regret because you allowed fear to hold you back. 

This time around, give yourself permission to believe in yourself, to aim higher, to use your superpowers because when you do, that is when the magic will happen!

Happy Halloween to the Cynspiration Hive – Until next time….Creep it Real!


Points to Ponder

The more we know about our fear, the easier it is to manage.

Identify your triggers.

Create mental space and release your fear.

Remind yourself of your strengths.

Breaking things down is about understanding yourself.


P.S. Every fear is different; it impacts us differently and affects us all differently. If you want personalised support that is centred around your unique fears, helping you to breakdown the internal conflict and reconnects with the unique power you have with you call me today to find out more. 




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