Traffic Temperature


Marketing campaigns have three primary goals:

#1 Introduce your business to people who have never heard of you before.

#2 Convert a site visitor into a lead.

#3 Sell a high dollar product to your best customers.

Your best chance of success in marketing is to put the right message, in front of the right audience at the right time. Understanding traffic temperature will help your craft the perfect message.

Before consider buying your product, your visitors go through three phases.

Marketer, look at traffic in temperatures: Cold, WarmHot.

Study Traffic Temperature


The thing you want to figure out is who you are talking to and at what stage you are in that relationship.

Once you identify what the customers want, you need to create customer groups. These will make it easier for you to target customers that have similar age, requirements and necessities.

This is very important, as it’s the best way towards automating your marketing.

Yes, the marketing journey starts with studying your customers, understanding what their pain points, and what you can deliver to them.

This way you can also identify the traffic temperature.

Cold Traffic – Objective Introduce yourself with valuable content, create Awareness


You have no relationship with this traffic, they have never been on your site or landing page before. They come through a search, a video, or social advertising. They are the new blood of your business.

You must build trust, credibility, and authority with your cold traffic. Before they decide to buy your products, you have to prove that your brand is worth the investment.

Can you imagine your reaction if someone asked you to move in with them on your first date?



The reason why I ask is that there’s a chance you’re doing it to your current visitors, right now.

You should never ask someone who just learned about your business for the first time to buy a $10K product.

Make offers to valuable content on your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel to cold traffic.

If you’re starting from scratch and don’t have a large audience, leverage video! Teach them something and establish yourselves as a credible source.


Warm Traffic – Objective Convert To Leads And Low Dollar Buyers


This is traffic knows who you a little.

They usually come through your retargeting campaigns, your email lists, a podcast or following you on social media.

People in the warm traffic are gauging whether they like what you say, and are interested in learning more and possibly purchasing from you.

They are on the fence.



They’re deciding whether your company is the best option to solve their problem. They’re also evaluating your competitors to see whether they do it better or more cheaply.

Make entry point offers to get them through your funnel without much risk.


Hot Traffic – Objective Sell more to existing buyers


This is traffic that knows you well, has bought products from you and is a regular user. They’re very engaged and also find you by searching for your brand name.

The mistake that advertisers make is concentrating only on bringing in new leads and sales.

Savvy marketers use paid traffic to sell more often to the customers he already has.

Make profit maximiser offers to hot traffic. Communication with this traffic must go through retargeting and email marketing.

Keep in mind WHO you’re talking to and WHERE you’re sending them. print the image below and use it for reference.



How Can You Start Building Relationships With Customers?


Once you have a blueprint of your customers, you can start creating products/services and ads that reflect their needs. 

Also, remember that you need to adapt to their pace. Some customers may have all the time in the world; others will be in a hurry and so on.

Understand your customers and adapt. This is the only way to stand out in front of your competition.



You can’t start building relationships and expect the results right away. Building a relationship with customers can take months.

The idea is to stick to your brand’s promises and to always provide value. 

Final Word


The reason we have different traffic temperatures is the reason why marketers continuously optimise their funnels.

When it comes to traffic temperatures, take a good look at the call-to-action/offers you’re currently using to attract conversions.

Is your warm call-to-action being used for cold traffic?

Always keep in mind: “Don’t communicate and treat all your visitors the same way instead, optimise your marketing strategies to attract and convert.

Start simple and start with what you have.

Don’t feel like you need to have every one of these campaigns in place before you can start. Or that you even need to run all of these!

Just make sure that your offer is something your audience wants BEFORE you start spending money on advertising.

TIME and STRATEGY play a big part in the overall ad success.

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