#20 – Copreneurship & Business. The Best of Both Worlds, a Unique Dynamic is Added to the Relationship.

So How do Entrepreneurial Couples Do It?


Marriage takes work. It is especially true when you work with your spouse. Having your partner at your side all day at work and then for the rest of the night at home isn’t for everyone, but for Tony and Carmen Matthews, they couldn’t see life any other way.


Tune in to find out what makes Tony and Carmen a Happy Entrepreneurial Power Couple and co-owners of SuperFly, one of the hottest digital car magazines dedicated to showcasing some of the coolest and most unique cars in the world.


From Dreamers to Dynamic Duo


Tony and Carmen’s journey started after Tony woke from a dream and realised that he had had enough! They had started a business in 2008 but were struggling to devote the time needed to make it fly.

Tony had reached his limit.

Enough of slogging away at work that didn’t fulfil. Enough of long hours that robbed him and his wife of precious time together and enough of living a life that wasn’t making them happy as a couple. Within a week, they decided to dedicate themselves full time to their business and leave…EVERYTHING!

A new country, a new life, a renewed commitment to their marriage and business was calling them. Tony’s dream became the springboard for living their dream.


Twin Flames, Same Aims


Communication and passion for the business are essential for success as copreneurs. Tony explains that although he and Carmen work closely together, they always give each other physical and intellectual space. In this way, things flow, and discussions and disagreements take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect. They never lose sight of the fact that they are doing this for the person they love and the passion they have for their business. 


Tony and Carmen’s Recommendations for a Successful Business/Love Combo.


  1. Ditch that ego! You have to be willing to take advice and suggestions from your partner in the same way you would from any colleague. There may be disagreements but make sure it is coming from a respectful place.
  2. Accept that there are some areas that your partner may be more talented than you but use the opportunity to learn and expand your skillset.
  3. Roles will change and fluctuate. You may be the ‘frontman’, but your partner may like to take the lead in another area. Let them have a chance to shine.
  4. Communicate regularly. Pay attention to what the other person says. If your belief system is aligned, your relationship and business will thrive.
  5. Play to your strengths as a couple. You know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and this can help define and delineate the areas of the business each partner will excel at.
  6. Trust that when problems arise in your partner’s area that he or she will take care of it. If and when you need to firefight, then team up and decide who will take which actions.
  7. Praise each other for a job well done; everyone likes to be appreciated.
  8. Create a good work/life balance. Carve out time to be together and put the business conversations on hold. Take that yoga class, do some mindset work before you start your day, make time for date night. You both need to care for yourselves and each other to get the most out of your work, rest and play.
  9. Leave work at work. It’s important to understand that your marriage/partnership is sacred and holds priority over your business. If you both share that mindset, you’ll create a stronger understanding and bond with your spouse/partner.
  10. Enjoy the experience. Enjoy the opportunity to live your ‘why’, spend time with your loved one and create something worthwhile together. Have fun with your business and check in regularly to make sure things are working for you both. If not, then change it up a little and make sure you keep that sense of humour!

Make the Leap but Pack a Parachute


Despite Tony and Carmen’s belief that they could make their business work full time, they realised that having a financial buffer would help to cover any contingencies whilst they were working hard to make it happen.

Carmen turned freelance for 6 months and they sold many of their belongings not only to free themselves up physically but also financially. Carmen and Tony both say that you SHOULD work that job, become a freelancer or anything else that is needed to make sure that your day to day expenses for essentials are met whilst pursuing your entrepreneurial dream.

Work those extra two hours a night on your business education because, in a short period of time, you will have the tools you need to launch your enterprise. Do whatever it takes to move towards the next step in your journey.


Mindset is Everything


In business, in love and in life. Carmen reflects that our early years are formative in so many ways that we are not even conscious of and that our programming can be worked on and overcome especially when we team up with our sacred other. We may come from very different places and have been subject to different family dynamics but we have the power to ensure that we overcome our differences amicably and respectfully.

We have the power to choose how we wish to live and progress and to heal ourselves and others as we do so. 

It can be incredibly empowering to give yourself permission to be yourself and put down the weight of your conditioning and embrace the YOU that wants to affect positive change. Tony says that we are all born creators and we should never get discouraged from setting out on a creative path that empowers others.

Never allow negative self talk to dominate and kill your dream before it has even begun. There are more opportunities than ever before to embrace entrepreneurship. The tools and education for developing the business side are out there and there are many inspirational programmes and people to guide you (Carmen and Tony particularly recommend Gary Vaynerchuck). 

Once you have your business idea, be bold and learn to persist as Carmen and Tony did when they first started this journey. Entrepreneurship can be a very scary place at first but with faith in your abilities and what you have to offer, you will learn to develop resilience.

The fear of uncertainty can be conquered and with that newfound confidence, who knows where it will take you physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally but always to a place of knowledge and healing.


Always put love first. Without it – Who would you share your business successes with?


Key Themes


  • Sharing a dream
  • Planning
  • Pulling together as a team
  • Believing in each other
  • Overcoming the fear of uncertainty
  • Shared passion
  • Know that you can create whatever you want
  • Mutual respect


Quotes from this Episode:


You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to believe in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. – Steve Jobs


Love has to come before business.


Love yourself first, and your partner will take inspiration from what you do.


Find something that makes you thrive and be YOU!


Entrepreneurship is more about mindset than it is about building a business.


Stay curious and keep getting to know your partner over and over again.


Inspiration is a compass inside you that helps you to develop in your life.


Work smarter, not harder. Choose two or three tasks that are the most important right now to get the maximum results. Do this each day and be smart and specific about what you want to achieve.


If we cannot heal ourselves, then anyone we teach or touch cannot heal either.


About our Guests:


Our guests this week bring a truly international flavour to the podcast. Tony Matthews is Anglo-French and was raised in France. Carmen Matthews is originally from Germany, and they met and fell in love in Switzerland.

After getting together, they moved to the UK where Tony was working as a contractor and Carmen was a video conference operator for a global bank. Working long hours in demoralising jobs led them to look for a better way to live and make a living.

They sold everything they had, took extra work to finance themselves for six months and worked full-time to get SuperFly their co-owned digital car magazine off the ground. SuperFly is one of the most successful digital publications on the web specialising in supercars and cars with a unique history. Their work takes them around the globe and has allowed them to interview Prince Albert of Monaco, Pamela Anderson and James Bond actor Roger Moore to name but a few.


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