Are you an underearner?


Many people do not realise that they are underearners, and are surprised to know that they are not earning what they’re are worth.


As it is not a matter of how much you make, you could be making five figures, but might not be earning enough. On the other hand, you might feel you are making less, but might be an over earner.

I got a painful wake-up when I launched the online business and stepped into Entrepreneurship. It forced me to face and recognise my unhealthy behaviour with money and look for resources ways to re-program my brain.

To help you educate on the matter, here is the list that made me realise I’d been an underearner most of my life.



You might talk as if you are trapped, or might feel that you are stuck. It is natural for underearners to feel that they are stuck in a particular space, and are unable to get out of their situation.


Underearners tend to give their power away and are constantly blaming others for their shortcomings. They create situations they get stuck in and tend to throw the blame around every chance they get.


These people think too little of themselves and tend to do more for less. The kind of people who would give away their knowledge, time, skills, and experience for a lower price, because they do not feel they are worth anything more.


Underearners are known to back off as soon as things get tough, or they feel like a challenge is ahead of them. They are more comfortable staying in their comfort zone, and never push themselves to achieve more.


Underearners are known to undermine themselves, and everything they do. It might not be a conscious habit, but it exists. These people are often found in traps such as procrastinating, rationalising problems, job hopping, and other draining habits that lead to self-sabotage.


These people are unable to see their value, which makes them codependent and to put others needs before theirs. Also, they start to live in self-denial, resentment, anger, pain, and illness. If you keep on this road, you will destroy your career and your personal life.

Financial Chaos

They live from one paycheck to another and often struggle to make ends meet. Crawl under debts and do not seem to see the end. People who have high income also have these struggles when they don’t manage their money.


When it comes to money underearners tend to be vague, and live by the rules of delusion and avoidance. An underearner rarely knows how much they have left, and how much they are down in debt. Also, they live in a world of wishful thinking.


Underearners lack the courage to push themselves but do not feel anyone else deserve anything either. This can make them negative and jealous and leads to self-sabotage.


These individuals are afraid of success, as they fear rejection and failing badly. So when it’s time to take on responsibility, these underearners tend to panic and leave.

These are the top ten signs of an underearner, and what they should work on change for a better future. Remember that each sign is self-imposed, and can be worked on. Do not underestimate yourself, as it is time to take a stand and change your life for good.

A lot of us fall into this underearner bracket, the good thing is that we can change our mindset, transform our habits and upgrade our worth!

The first step is awareness, the second is acceptance and the third one is to create change.

I am happy to share the tools that got me to a better relationship with my money.

You deserve more!

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 Written By Cynthia Serra Neves – 10 truths you need to know about underearners – Back To Top

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